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Nomination and Approval Form

Version française : Formulaire de nomination et de consentement

    Personal Info

    Personal information of applicant

    Contact Information


    Provide information about your service.

    A2. Additional Information

    The following information is voluntary and will be used to ensure member’s safety and promote a positive experience (e.g.provide accessible transportation, accessible lodging and ensure proper tempo of schedule).

    1. There has been no change to my medical employment limitations in the past year
    2. I consent to my medical employment limitations (MELs) being released to Camp Aftermath
    3. I consent to Camp Aftermath contacting my Medical Officer for relevant medical information

    Your injury includes (ex: PTSD)

    Activity CAMP AFTERMATH 2019

    Physical and mental activity requirements

    a. Applicants must be fit to participate in activities to include ground training and instruction, as well as applying newly acquired knowledge in, and near the edge of water. Due to a busy activity schedule applicants should have a limited requirement for rest throughout the day.

    b. Participants will be joined with other ill/injured members and civilians, and therefore should be able to function in a social environment. Candidates also acknowledge that there will be no alcohol allowed in the accommodations, and may be required to share accommodations.

    I (print name) hereby acknowledge having read the physical and mental requirements for Camp Aftermath, and by submitting this application I agree to fully participate in the event if selected. I understand that withdrawals will be for medical and compassionate reasons only and must be submitted to Camp Aftermath (via the chain of command as applicable) prior to the event. I acknowledge that I may be liable for any expenditure incurred by Camp Aftermath for withdrawals for any other reason.

    Participant signature

    I would like to receive information, updates and other relevant information about Camp Aftermath.