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Phase 1 – Screening

Phase 2 – Volunteerism

Phase 3 – One-year follow up

This is not a vacation. It’s an investment in your mental health.

There is no shortage of organizations and programs aimed at helping people who are living with OSI/PTSD.

How are we different?

At Camp Aftermath, we believe that people living with an OSI/PTSD should actively engage in the healing process. During our one-year, three-phase program, which includes a one-year follow up under the supervision of our mental health experts, participants will engage in various therapeutic activities including volunteerism, yoga, and meditation.

Our participants and volunteers are brought together as one mixed group where they live together, form an interdependent community, and interact on the same level.

Instead of merely treating the symptoms of OSI/PTSD, volunteers assist participants on their holistic journey to long-term management of OSI/PTSD, not only empowering each individual but also providing them with a sense of hope for a brighter and healthier future.

See our Monday-to-Saturday activities below!

Charitable Work

Take part in charitable work at Camp Garagona, a charity that supports adults and children living with intellectual disabilities and/or autism spectrum disorders.


Participate in daily meditation sessions to reduce stress and improve focus.

Group Work

Join us for daily group activities in a safe and judgment-free environment.


Namaste! Participate in yoga sessions with a focus on mindfulness.


A healthy diet will be combined with daily physical activities.

…and more

The curriculum of activities will continue to grow, with lessons learned from every rotation.

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It's your turn to heal

If you're living with PTSD, consider attending a Camp Aftermath rotation.

How to participate