Long-term management of PTSD through active philanthropy.

Who We Are

Camp Aftermath is a project of the non-for-profit organization Aftermath Association, founded in December 2016. The Camp is run by a dedicated group of Ottawa-based volunteers and supporters who seek to provide a novel approach to managing PTSD through active philanthropy.

How We Help

We aim to help military members and veterans, along with first responders suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). We seek to provide a holistic approach to long-term management of PTSD, with various therapy approaches under one roof, including  self-healing activities, holistic therapy methods and charity work.

What We Need

Camp Aftermath is currently looking for financial contributions to send our first rotation of participants suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to Costa Rica in 2018. If you want to make a difference and have a real impact on the lives of people suffering from PTSD: this is the place to start.

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World Day of Social Justice

For me, perhaps in a weird way, Social Justice Day, observed by the UN every year on the 20th of February, evokes different emotions. I have fought for social justice most of my adult life, and have suffered for it. I remember, as I was squirming on the floor, trying…

Happy Family Day from Camp Aftermath!

When we think of family we think of the people bound to us by blood ties. On the whole, the concept of “family” gives us a sense of love, warmth, caring, sharing, and everything that evokes comfort and belonging. It is in celebration of this sense of belonging that we…

Do Good, Feel Good.

Healing through active philanthropy. The basic premise of what Aftermath was founded on. Our recent volunteer trip has demonstrated the magnitude of this philosophy. One of my favourite quotes of all time is an accurate reflection of how I see volunteering - “A society grows great when old men plant…

On the Day of Love

Valentine’s Day is about "friendship-love". This is what my four-year-old daughter tells me. She is learning at school that this day symbolizes all the love we have for our friends and family, and that it’s a chance to show your friendship-love for everyone we care about. "And that’s why we…


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