Camp Aftermath seeks to support military members, veterans and first responders suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder

Camp Aftermath is a one-year, three-phase program which will include an 8-12 day itinerary in Costa Rica in early 2020. This program will provide participants with comprehensive holistic therapy methods, self-healing activities and opportunities to take part in charity work starting in Costa Rica and continuing in Canada.

After their 8-12  days stay, the goal is for participants achieve a sense of empowerment through their rehabilitation, with hope for a brighter and healthier future. The one-year follow up will help ensure participants are held accountable to each other themselves in keeping the positive habits gained through the first two phases.

Camp Aftermath is the current project of the Ottawa-based Aftermath Association, a Canadian registered charity, with membership open to anyone who shares its goals and ideals. Future projects will also aim to respond to human need with human care.


Up to 10% of Canadian war zone veterans—including war service veterans and peacekeeping forces — will go on to experience PTSD.


The lifetime prevalence of PTSD is approximately 8% of the Canadian population.


Almost 1 in 10 civilians meet the criteria for PTSD at some point in his or her lifetime.


At any given time, 2.4 % of the population experiences post-traumatic stress disorder.

About Camp Aftermath’s founder

Farid’s Story

The story of Camp Aftermath begins with our founder, Farid Yaghini, a former member of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Despite experiencing traumatic events while serving overseas, Farid did not develop post-traumatic stress disorder like many of his fellow service men and women. Mental health professionals concluded that his philanthropic deeds overseas helped him after witnessing disturbing events during active service. These were his “positive anchors” during difficult moments.

This realization evolved into a question: what if people suffering from PTSD could be assisted with cultivating “positive anchors” to replace the memory of negative experiences?

This question led to an idea and concept of a two week itinerary called Camp Aftermath, where military members, veterans and first responders suffering from PTSD could go to begin a journey of self-healing, primarily through charitable work, combined with holistic treatment methods.

From an idea came a concept

Camp Aftermath

A plan gradually began to take shape, and in December 2016, Farid and his close friends registered the Aftermath Association as a Canadian charity dedicated to eliminating mental and spiritual anguish by responding to human need with human care.

Our Vision

Eliminating mental and spiritual anguish by responding to human need with human care.

Our Mission

To support a community of givers and receivers on their journey towards mental and spiritual healing.

Planning for the future

What’s next?

Camp Aftermath officially kicked off a charitable campaign in 2017 to raise funds to establish the camp. Support Camp Aftermath by making a financial contribution.

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Aftermath Association’s membership is open to anyone who shares its goals and ideals!

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