Apply to be a





Are you living with PTSD? Are you interested in Camp Aftermath’s one-year, three-phase program? See below for information on the application process!

Step 1: Online Application Form

Please fill out the application form below to get started! Once received, one of our volunteers will respond with the complete application forms. Then, please read steps 2 – 7 to understand the rest of the application process.

    Step 2: An interview with your Case Officer

    You will attend an interview with an Aftermath Association Case Officer (CO). This will ensure you:

    • Are aware of what you are committing yourself to;
    • Understand what the program has to offer;
    • and what potential risks may exist.

    Step 3: Meet with a Professionals Committee member

    Your CO will schedule a meeting between you and a member of the Camp Aftermath Professionals Committee. Here, you will discuss your physical and mental health, and go over any outstanding issues. This information will remain confidential.

    Step 5: Payment

    You will be required to make a $2,000 payment to your CO, which will cover all expenses and the processing fee. A receipt will be provided.

    After payment is made, you will  receive a call from your CO about the next Camp Aftermath rotation. The CO will provide the confirmed start date of your rotation.

    Step 6: Provide additional information

    As you begin counting down to your flight to Costa Rica, you must provide proof of insurance, proof of vaccination, a copy of passport and other required documentation (checklist to be provided via email) to your CO no later than 4 weeks before the rotation start date.

    Step 7: Join us at Camp Aftermath

    Board your flight to Costa Rica according to details provided by your CO. Look out for your Welcoming Officer on arrival in Costa Rica.


    Keep up to date with Camp Aftermath updates, as we work towards launching future rotations.