Phase 1 – Screening

Phase 2 – Volunteerism

Phase 3 – One-year follow up

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Camp Aftermath is a one-year, three-phase program that is centred on providing participants with a renewed sense of purpose by shifting their focus away from their own distress by realizing their potential to give back by helping others and taking part in something that is bigger than themselves.


You can help break the cycle of mental anguish by helping us send veterans and first responders on this life altering experience

Help Fund Future Programs!

Help fund positions for Roto 3 (#GoFundRoto3), which will be taking place in March 2021! We are hoping that Roto 3 will be our first female cohort. All monies donated will be used to cover expenses for Roto 3 of Camp Aftermath’s one-year, three-phased program to help veterans and first responders living with PTSD or OSI.

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