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International Day of Forests

By March 18, 2018July 23rd, 2019No Comments
Future reforestation site for Roto 0 participants

Future reforestation site for Roto 0 participants

On 21 March, the world celebrates the International Day of Forests (IDF), which serves to highlight the importance of forests. The theme for the IDF 2018 is forests and sustainable cities.

Forests and sustainability are important concepts to Camp Aftermath, as helping the environment is a major part of our curriculum as we strive to help people manage their PTSD through active philanthropy. As part of the two week Camp Aftermath curriculum in Costa Rica, participants take part in reforestation projects in various areas of Costa Rica, including the tribal mountains where the Boruca and Terreba tribes reside. 
These projects are meant to not only contribute to the reforestation of vast portions of the forests previously decimated for farming and agriculture, but to also help bring comfort to Camp Aftermath participants by taking part in rejuvenating the once fertile and green space occupied by forests and wildlife. Backed by various studies, which prove spending time in nature and working with the earth has immense therapeutic results, Camp Aftermath has specifically sought to incorporate such activities in our curriculum, which was observed and recommended by our mental health expert, Dr. Whelan, on our recent Orientation Trip. 
Furthermore, in following with the 2018 theme of Forests and Sustainable Cities, Camp Aftermath’s first reforestation project for Roto 0 (winter 2019) is to reforest an area near the Terreba tribe community, whose lifestyle is heavily integrated with nature and the surrounding forests. 
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