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0n 11 September 2018, Camp Aftermath’s mental health expert Dr. John Whelan took part in two speaking events in Ottawa, Ontario.

Dr. Whelan meeting the Canadian Forces Ombudsman senior staff in Ottawa, Ontario

The first speaking event was with the Canadian Forces Ombudsman senior staff, where Dr. Whelan had been invited to speak. Dr. Whelan shared his expertise regarding the need for transitional programs available to veterans when they leave their military careers and attempt to reintegrate into Canadian society. Dr. Whelan’s second book, Ghost in the Ranks, highlights the need for such programs through the stories of veterans he has treated in his 30 plus years of mental health practice.

The second speaking event was hosted by Project Trauma Support (PTS) in Perth, Ontario, and its founder, Dr. Manuela Joannou, who also sits of Camp Aftermath’s advisory committee. At PTS, Dr. Whelan met a number of potential participants for the first iteration of Camp Aftermath in early 2019. Later that evening, Aftermath Association Chairman Farid Yaghini, Dr. Joannou, and Dr. Whelan spoke to an audience including veterans, first responders, and other mental health experts.

Dr. Joannou speaking in Perth, Ontario

Dr. Whelan’s visit to Ottawa was highly constructive and was a step forward in Camp Aftermath achieving its goal of implementing its three-phase program in early 2019.







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There are currently many amazing programs that focus on helping veterans and first responders suffering from PTSD. If you believe in our cause, please help us make Roto 0, our first retreat, a success and consider donating to our campaign on Canada Helps.


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