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Volunteering is good for your body.

Over the next few weeks, Camp Aftermath is releasing a series of blogs that highlight the positive impact of volunteerism on mental health. You can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

As you volunteer, you may find yourself experiencing all the positive emotions that come with giving back to a community, to a school, to nature etc. Studies have confirmed there is a nexus between mental health and volunteering. Though volunteering comes with benefits within the emotional realm, an area we tend to overlook is the physical benefits.

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But there is more…


Harvard Medical School has peeled some of the layers of volunteerism’s physical benefits and examined how volunteering is good for the body. Performing volunteer work can directly increase physical activity – digging a hole to plant a tree, lifting equipment to reconstruct a home, running around the streets of Costa Rica to play soccer with the children. These tasks, without a doubt, require physical effort that will yield tangible rewards. But the gains can also stem from other activities that aren’t apparently related to physical activity. Volunteering can reduce stress, or keep the brain sharp with mentally stimulating activities like tutoring or reading.

Our vision

At Camp Aftermath, participants will have the opportunity to partake in all these volunteer activities and dedicate themselves to one that resonates most with them. For some it might be animal care, for others, it could be working with children. Whatever the decision, just know that the goal is the same for us all, to achieve healing through active philanthropy.



How you can help

There are currently many amazing programs that focus on helping veterans and first responders suffering from PTSD. If you believe in our cause, please help us make Roto 0, our first retreat, a success and consider donating to our campaign on Canada Helps.

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