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In today’s materialistic world, everything we do is seen through a “what’s in it for me” lens and measured by quantifiable units of benefit. For this reason, performing actions which do not entail material reward or worldly benefit gain added significance in that they reflect the performer’s moral fiber and high values. Thus, marking Volunteer Week is a celebration of golden hearts and high principles.

Roto 1. CA participants in La Carpio, Costa Rica

We at Aftermath Association take great pride in living by such ethos, since it is thanks to our dedicated and tireless volunteers that we have made a dream come true. What began as an idea has, solely through volunteer work, been transformed into a well-defined, three-phase, one-year program to help veterans and first responders with PTSD return to their former selves and reintegrate into the life and society from which they felt isolated from.

The work with Roto 1, our first cohort (which we refer to as participants), is on-going, but the high point, for which we worked long and diligently, came only a month ago when our five Roto 1 participants traveled to Costa Rica for ten days to relearn and rediscover their inner strengths through philanthropic work in a third world setting.

Roto 1. CA participants volunteering at a dog sanctuary

Our participants went to Costa Rica with the help of volunteers to volunteer; now, they are back in Canada and engaged in volunteer work here. This experience has enabled them to return to Canada as capable beings who once again can serve their communities and society as a whole.

By giving selflessly, we gain and become richer in a sense no amount of money can buy! Volunteer Week is our week, and we are proud to be Aftermath Association volunteers! Come join us and together let’s dream greater dreams and make them come true!






How you can help

There are currently many amazing programs that focus on helping veterans and first responders suffering from PTSD. If you believe in our cause, please help us make a difference in the live of five military veterans and first responders slated to experience our three-phased program in early 2019. You can donate to our campaign on Canada Helps.