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World Mental Health Day

By October 10, 2017July 23rd, 2019No Comments

Today is World Mental Health Day, which is observed to raise awareness of mental health issues and to mobilize efforts in support of mental health. The World Health Organization promotes the Day as an opportunity for all stakeholders working on mental health issues to talk about their work. And so, in recognition of World Mental Health Day, the Camp Aftermath family would like to raise our hand in support of PTSD awareness, and to recognize all of our PTSD treatment collaborators and partner organizations.

The Aftermath Association endeavors to provide a way to respond to human need with human care, by offering a novel approach to long-term PTSD treatment through active philanthropy at Camp Aftermath. By helping others, we believe sufferers of PTSD can help heal themselves, and in turn promote positive social change that will also contribute to their PTSD treatment.

Camp Aftermath will be a sanctuary in Costa Rica where veterans and first-responders suffering from PTSD can expand their treatment through acts of volunteerism to build community and work on re-building themselves. With up to 10% of Canadian war zone veterans experiencing PTSD at some point in their life, and 1 in 10 civilians suffering from PTSD, the design and implementation of long-term PTSD management projects such as Camp Aftermath is essential for many people as well as their families and friends.

Participants of Camp Aftermath’s 15-day itinerary in Costa Rica will engage in self-healing through various charitable work opportunities based on the philosophy that service people such as veterans and first-responders suffering from PTSD can rediscover a sense of purpose and community through volunteerism. But Aftermath is not a cure-all for PTSD treatment, which is why we partner with like-minded organizations both in Canada and Costa Rica, to promote positive social change by offering our option for long-term management of PTSD, in conjunction with various holistic treatments that have been recognized as beneficial for PTSD sufferers and their recovery.

The Aftermath Association is committed to creating long-term support systems for people who bravely faced traumatic experiences while conducting selfless acts of service for others. Today, and every day.