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Lest We Forget

By November 8, 2017July 23rd, 2019No Comments

Each year, on 11 November, we pause to remember all those who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we, their present and future generations, can live happy and free.


We are proud of them and the example they set, for there is no achievement greater or nobler, nor any feat more courageous, than knowingly accepting death so that others may live. To the fallen heroes whose sacrifice and bravery are commemorated on Remembrance Day, we, the living, owe an immense debt of gratitude.

However, we must not forget that our gratitude extends not only to departed heroes, but also to the mostly unsung ones who answered the call of duty and knowingly went to face death and worse, but lived and returned with physical and emotional wounds which they have to suffer for the rest of their lives. Our gratitude to our veterans and first responders is as great as to those who fell. It is to show our thanks and appreciation to our living heroes that Aftermath Association undertook its Camp Aftermath project to help those who still labour under the burden of the searing memories of what they saw and went through in the course of duty for Canada and mankind.

On this Remembrance Day, we, members and volunteers of Aftermath Association, remember those who fell and salute those who live. We pledge our continued endeavours to help veterans and first responders in their quest for the freedom and happiness they fought and worked for but lost because they put the rest of us first.

You are not, and will not be, forgotten!