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International Day of Happiness

By March 20, 2018April 15th, 2024No Comments

Nothing says happiness like a hug! Camp Aftermath volunteer, Matt, spent the day volunteering with the Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation helping local children

Happiness –the Holy Grail of human existence! But what does it really mean, and where can we find it? This question has existed –mostly unanswered– since the dawn of mankind. Those fortunate enough to find the answer have usually found it on a very personal, subjective level –something difficult to communicate and share with others, since every person’s definition of happiness is different.

One thing is for certain though: the answer to the questions “what does happiness mean, and where can we find it?” are individual and personal, whereas happiness itself isn’t.

A person can never be truly happy if it is only for oneself and with oneself. Happiness is collective and must be shared in order to be enjoyed. We cannot be happy if those around us are miserable, in pain, or in want.

It is to communicate this evident truth that the UN designated March 20th as the International Day of Happiness. And on this day, we at Aftermath Association are happy to claim that we have found an answer to one of life’s biggest questions, that we all share and which binds us together.

At Aftermath, we have found happiness in responding to human need with human care; and it is in pursuit of this quest that we have pooled our energy and enthusiasm towards bringing to fruition our first project of Camp Aftermath, a PTSD-retreat in Costa Rica for military veterans and first responders. In addition, we shall soon be celebrating our shared happiness by convening our first Annual General Assembly (after the Constituent General Assembly held last year) and mapping out how we can spread the message of Aftermath in the coming year.

On this International Day of Happiness we wish happiness for all, and invite you to share in our happiness by giving to our inaugural GoFundMe campaign to send our first group of Camp Aftermath participants to Costa Rica in 2018.