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AGA Recap

By March 29, 2018April 15th, 2024No Comments

On 24 March 2018, Aftermath Association celebrated its first Annual General Assembly (AGA). It was an exciting evening filled with presentations from our Board of Directors (BoD), volunteers, and supporters.  Please stay tuned as we release our Annual Report which provides detailed reports on our progress.

It was a display of remarkable achievement as BoD members each provided an overview of progress within their respective fields.  Aftermath volunteers also premiered the breathtaking video from the Orientation Trip, produced by the talented Aldo Vissagio.

Aftermath Association members, friends and family at the Annual General Assembly.

In attendance were current Aftermath Association members and volunteers, Advisory Board members –Dr. Manuela  Joannou and Dr. Richard Nahas, mental health expert David Flynn, and other supporters.

The evening focused not only on achievements, but it also shed light on shortcomings and challenges we overcame in 2017. The resilience that was demonstrated is a testament to the dedication and passion of our members, as Aftermath Association volunteers looked to the future in 2019 –the year Roto 0 is scheduled to launch.

Keep following us as we continue our journey to provide long-term management of PTSD through active philanthropy. You can support us by visiting our GoFundMe page