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Each year on November 11 we honor those who fought for country and freedom and gave the ultimate sacrifice so others can live and future generations can be free and happy. It is difficult to find words to express just what and how much we owe each and every one of those in whose memory we bow our heads.

Remembrance Day isn’t just about war veterans and those we’ve lost. It is also about their ideals and what they stood for. On this day we pay homage to our past and look forward to the future. More than anything else, on this day we thank those who served.

By observing Remembrance Day, we not only remember those who are no longer with us, but renew our pledge to continue to support those who have served and are still among us and need us to reach out to them. Aftermath Association’s Camp Aftermath initiative is one of many programs aimed at supporting veterans suffering from mental anguish.

On this day, we salute our veterans and all volunteers and activists who show that we care for them.