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CA volunteer, Matt Borax in La Carpio, Costa Rica

Members of Aftermath Association feel a close affinity with World Kindness Day, as spreading the core message of this day constitutes our core principle. It is for this that Aftermath Association’s flagship project, Camp Aftermath, invites you to look for ways to make kindness the norm in your daily life. World Kindness Day can be a great beginning to building a new routine, which means consciously including moments of kindness, laughter, and giving in your daily life.

Scientific studies have shown that acts of kindness through giving to others have countless benefits to one’s health and wellbeing. It is for this reason that Camp Aftermath’s one-year, three-phase program is centered around giving to others as a long-term management approach towards mental anguish.

Roto 1 participant, Scott Snow in La Carpio, Costa Rica helping build a home for a family in need

Kindness starts with “one”: one smile, one compliment. one act of random kindness. It’s in us to give. For those of us who haven’t thought of it, let’s use this Kindness Day to kick-start a new routine of serving others in need, both for them and for our own benefit.







How you can help

There are currently many amazing programs that focus on helping veterans and first responders suffering from PTSD. If you believe in our cause, please help us make a difference in the lives of five military veterans and first responders slated to experience our three-phased program in early 2019. You can donate to our campaign on Canada Helps.